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Our Tutors


Mr Warren Chao

Founder of Ace Academia 

Mr Warren, a highly experienced educator and the visionary behind our renowned tuition center. With an impressive 15-year tenure in the Ministry of Education (MOE), Mr Warren has honed his expertise in teaching math and science to primary school students. As a specialist in these subjects, they possess an in-depth understanding of the curriculum and its intricacies. Mr Warren has dedicated his career to empowering young minds, nurturing a passion for learning, and achieving academic excellence. Through his vast knowledge, innovative teaching methodologies, and unwavering commitment to student development, Mr Warren has garnered a reputation for transforming struggling learners into confident achievers. 

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Ms Jamie 

Principle Teacher 

Ms Jamie Ng is an exceptionally dedicated and experienced teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience in Primary, Secondary and IP curriculum, particularly in the field of Mathematics and Science. 

Ms Ng’s passion for teaching is evident as she goes above and beyond to ensure that her students have a thorough understanding of the concepts. 

With her many years of teaching experience,  Ms Jamie Ng can equip students with content mastery, focusing on fundamental techniques and problem-solving skills due to her strong understanding of the examination requirements and standards.

She was previously engaged as the Head of lower Secondary Mathematics at Indigo Education Center where she advised and helped to develop teaching content that follows the unique framework of the centre. 

She also curates her notes and programs to ensure that her students get ample practice and reinforcement of important concepts. Hence, her lessons are designed to cater to the needs of all her students.

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